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Main Articles Archive


Working Dogs Book Store carries the most popular books and videos about breeding, whelping, and early puppy development.
Breeding, Whelping, and Testing Puppies

What's New in the Year 1997

This page contains the list of new articles and features added to Working Dogs Cyberzine this year.

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You may also visit our Main Articles Archive, the master index that includes the best of the articles featured on Working Dogs Cyberzine since 1996.


  • The Puppy Guide by Lori Rodriguez.
  • Pacific Northwest Schutzhund - Newly updated schedule of spring and summer Schutzhund trials and events in the Pacific Northwest region.
  • The Immune System and Disease Resistance W. Jean Dodds, DVM discusses the essential role of the immune system in maintaining general health and resistance to disease.
  • Schutzhund - Devotion to Quality Breeding by Lori Rodriguez reviews the history of Schutzhund and its emphasis on quality breeding and progressive training.
  • The Intelligence of Dogs - Depending on your own personal breed of choice, you'll either love or hate the results of a dog trainer's survey....
  • Behavior of Dogs - An insightful excerpt from the U.S. Customs Service training manual, discussing the many factors influencing canine behavior.
  • Autoimmune Thyroid Disease - Veterinarian W. Jean Dodds discusses the diagnosis and treatment of this common problem.
  • The Dreaded Bloat - Veterinarian Kathy Hutton discusses gastric torsion, a potentially fatal condition to which deep-chested dogs are particularly susceptible.
  • Traveling With Your Dog - International Import Requirements - Maj. Terry Gosch, DVM makes taking your pet with you overseas as easy as possible. Comprehensive import rules, requirements, and appropriate contacts listed by country.
  • An outstanding seven-part series on Canine Hip Dysplasia is featured on the Schäferhafen web site.
  • Hawaii May Change Importation Requirements - Dogs and cats facing a move to Hawaii may soon be able to look forward to a reduction in the present 120 day quarantine. Note: In early March, Hawaii finally changed their quarantine law. The old law required that the dog be contained in a small kennel for 4 months. Under the new law, quarantine is now 30 days long. This change will come into affect 6-9 months from the bill's passing in early March.
  • Hip Dysplasia in Military Working Dogs - Veterinary radiologist Catherine Banfield details the clinical signs, diagnosis, and treatment of CHD with accompanying radiographs.
  • Pannus - Corneal Inflammation in the German Shepherd Dog and its treatment is discussed in depth by Veterinarian W. Neumann
  • Schutzhund Action in Arizona - Phoenix Schutzhund Club hosts Conformation and Breed Survey on February 22 and 23.
  • Defense and Prey - Schutzhund trainer Gary Patterson presents the first two installments of his series about basic canine behavior and how it affects training of the working dog.
  • There Are No Problem Dogs - Author and Rottie owner Cary Silver counters the hysteria about "dangerous dogs" with a clearly reasoned and well-researched look at the ramifications of irresponsible dog ownership.
  • North American Sieger Show - A new event sponsored by the GSDCA/WDA.
  • Puppy Fever! - What better way to herald Spring's arrival than with new litters of working dog puppies.
  • Dogs, Dolphins, and Karen Pryor - A review of three books by operant conditioning trailblazer Karen Pryor now available in Working Dogs Bookstore.
  • The Canine Ear - an informative review of canine ear problems and solutions by veterinarian Dennis W. Thomas. From the Sport Dogs Northwest Newsletter - Vol. III, Issue 12 - December 1996.
  • RESCUE! - The amazing story of Vera, a dog with three strikes.... and a successful home run!
  • K9 Career Opportunity - Seattle Police Department K9 Unit launches a search for outstanding German shepherd candidates to join their force.
  • Talkin' Dog! - We're building our new Directory of Working Dog Chat Rooms and Email Lists.
  • Dog Owner's Guide: Dogs and the Law
  • Strict Liability for Dog Bites - Review of New Jersey law
  • Landlord's Liability for Tenant's Dog - California law
  • What is the Extent of a Dog Owner's Liability? - Canadian law
  • Civil Liability and Dogs
  • FAQs About Dog Behavior Experts in Personal Injury Lawsuits
  • Best and Worst Dogs for Security
  • Kiplinger Report on Guard Dogs
  • The Law and Your Dog - New Zealand
  • Premises Liability


  • Geneticist and German Shepherd breed devotee Malcolm B. Willis, Ph.D. is the acclaimed author of the definitive work, The German Shepherd Dog: A Genetic History. Willis details the genetics of reproduction and behavior, with an in-depth study of hip dysplasia and other inheritable diseases of the breed.

  • Pyometria: New Therapy May Be an Alternative to Hysterectomy. John Allinson details the successful treatment of his own dog's life-threatening Pyometria with prostaglandin therapy.

  • The Use of Prostaglandin for Pyometritis. Dr. R.V. Hutchinson reviews the causes and conditions of pyrometritis and the successful use of prostaglandin therapy to hasten its cure without having to resort to hysterectomy.

  • A Princess in Manhattan. Successful rescues are a relief to accomplish and a joy to read about. GSD Rescue volunteer Anka Andrews shares the details of the recent rescue of Hattie.

  • Stress, Infertility, and Herpes Infection in Dogs. A viral Herpes infection can prematurely end a pregnancy and decimate a litter of newborn pups. Veterinarian M. C. Wakeman discusses a number of ways to avoid this deadly viral infection.

  • The Making of a Sieger - International Schutzhund champion Ricardo E. Carbajal visited Wienerau Kennels in 1992 and discussed the ingredients of greatness with the renowned master of the breed, Herr Walter Martin.

  • 1997 USA Sieger Show results.

  • German Shepherd Rescue Success! - German Shepherd Rescue of New England contributes their recent adoption success stories; check out some of the GSD's that are awaiting adoption today.

  • So You've Found a Dog... What's Next? - Directory of resources for several national registry organizations and services that can help you identify a found dog by its tattoo, registry ID tags, or microchip.

  • Animal Rights Commentary: Human Superiority - Animal rights activist Gary Francione shares some refreshing humor with his comments about a debate of animal testing.

  • A counterpoint opinion to some animal rights activites in the Foundation for Biomedical Research's commentary Historical Revisionism and Intellectual Dishonesty.

  • Great Vacations for Your and Your Dog. Thinking about traveling with your dog? Be sure to check out this terrific new addition to our Working Dogs Book Store.

  • Reader Travel Recommendations - Do you have a favorite hotel, motel, resort, B&B, campground, or other dog-friendly vacation or travel destination? We'll publish your favorite dog-friendly discoveries in our Travel Department.

  • Canine Hip Dysplasia Resources - We've surfed the web and selected the sites that offer the most comprehensive information about CHD and other canine orthopedic diseases and conditions. With additional information about how open registries will reduce CHD.

  • A K9 Touches Hearts and Changes Lives - Police K9 trainer Bill Reitz shares how he and his dog Otto spend their "time off" sending a message of hope to kids in crisis.

  • And the Race is On! The 25th running of the world famous Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is covered in detail on the official web page for "The Last Great Race". Listen to real audio reports!

  • Do Dogs Really Want to Work? The MSNBC network checks in with a variety of opinions from canine behaviorists and trainers.

  • Warmer Weather Means Mosquitos... and Heartworm - Norma Bennett Woolf shares an informative summary of mosquito-borne heartworm disease. Plus additional information about the disease and treatment.

  • When "Dog Food" Isn't - API's Pet Food Investigative Report discusses what is -- and isn't -- in many commonly known commercial pet foods. Plus more resources.

  • French Ring Sport - Bob Dixon details the obedience and agility exercises in this exciting protection sport.

  • Name That Bite - Dr. Jan Bellows, DVM reviews the proper terms to express specific dental conditions and tooth alignment in dogs.

  • Canine Sports Medicine and Surgery by Mark S. Bloomberg et al. can be ordered now from the Working Dogs Book Store.


  • Helping the Helper: Notes on Walter Hoffman's Seminar - Schutzhund nerd and Veterinarian Terri Short reports from the Greater Cincinnati Schutzhund Club, hosts of Walter Hoffman's outstanding helper seminar. It was a weekend of educational demonstrations and skillful evaluations for new and experienced helpers alike.

  • Veterinary Dentistry: Dental Care for Pets - Frank J.M. Verstraete, D.V.M., Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College, reviews the dental problems seen in dogs and cats, what services the veterinary dentist can offer, and what pet owners should know about their pets' teeth and gums.

  • Caring for the Sled Dog - Mush With P.R.I.D.E. is dedicated to enhancing the care and treatment of sled dogs in their traditional and modern uses. Their Sled Dog Care Guidelines is a six-part series devoted to the proper care, nutrition, exercise, training, and breeding of sled dogs.

  • Facts About Feet - The importance of sound foot structure and proper foot care can't be underestimated for our working dogs. The Dog Owner's Guide reviews the basics of the canine foot and provides a short list of recommended reading materials.

  • You can order the recommended books about canine gait and anatomy from the Working Dogs Book Store.

  • Canine Diabetes Mellitus: An Explanation and Current Therapies - Canine Diabetes may be more common than you think. Veterinary Information Services provides an informative review of Canine Diabetes Mellitus (DM), its diagnosis, and current available therapies.

  • The Layman's Essentials of Fluid and Electrolyte Treatment in Parvovirus - Parvovirus can be fatal for dogs of all ages unless vital fluids and salts are replenished. The author presents some common sense procedures for ensuring proper supplemental treatment at home for the dog with parvo.

  • Interview with Wayne Simanovich. North American Championship winner Wayne Simanovich is interviewed by dog sports reporter Doug Loving. It's an intriguing review of Wayne's thoughts about some of the hottest issues in the sport today.


  • New Video Release! - Doug Loving captures all the excitement of Michel Vallodon's French Ring Sport Seminar on video.

  • What's So Big About the Little Thyroid? - Authors Jan Cooper and W. Jean Dodds DVM share an informative review of the canine thyroid -- how it is regulated by hormones, testing protocols, and symptomology of related diseases.

  • Doug Loving's Sport Dog Column - Dog sport reporter Doug Loving checks in with his review of the 1997 USA Sieger Show and updates on regional events.

  • K9 Officer Chico Captures Homicide Suspect - GSD breeder, trainer, and police officer Suzanne Jany shares the excitement and pride when Chico completes an exhaustive but successful capture of a homicide suspect in Washington state.

  • Canine Genetic Primer - A cadre of genetics professionals collaborated to create an excellent resource for basic canine genetics on the acmepet web site.

  • Why should I have my breeding dogs X-rayed? - The answer is broader than your one pup, or litter of pups, or even your own careful breeding program. The U.S. Border Collie Club explains why in their article Genetic Selection.

  • The Ring Sport Arena - Part I - Bob Dixon shares his expertise once again in his first installment of his Ring Sport Arena training series, "Introduction to Ring Sport." Learn about scoring, past champs, puppy training, and basic training theory and practice in this comprehensive primer.

  • Artificial Insemination - Veterinarian Mary C. Wakeman asks "Why AI?" There are several circumstances in which artificial insemination may be the best way of delivering semen to the bitch; and some circumstances when it surely isn't.

  • 1997 Pacific Northwest Regional Schutzhund Championship - The Cascade Working Dog Association hosts this year's Pacific Northwest regional Schutzhund championships in Rochester, Washington. BH, AD, FH, and Schutzhund 1, 2, and 3 will be judged by USA William Fields. Check out all the trial details and enter your dog now in this summer's hottest working dog event in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!


  • Search and Rescue Dogs: Training Methods is the ultimate search and rescue text book written by the American Rescue Dog Association (ARDA). Featuring step-by-step methods based on Bill and Jean Syrotuck's work, this illustrated, hard cover reference and training guide covers scent and handler theory, with special emphasis on training and conditioning. Detailing water, body, disaster, avalanche, and evidence searches, this book is appropriate for anyone with any breed of dog. Order yours today at the Working Dogs Bookstore deep discount price of only $17.47. Be sure to check out our other Search and Rescue titles in our on-line book store!

  • Don't Shoot the Dog: The New Art of Teaching and Training by operant conditioning trailblazer Karen Pryor. Learn how to apply the principles of behavioral training to invoke dramatic results in any learning situation. Order yours today at the Working Dogs Bookstore deep discount price of only $5.20. Read more about Karen Pryor's books in our Spotlight feature, and be sure to check out our other dog behavior and psychology titles in our on-line book store!

  • Working Dogs Book Store Slashes Prices up to 30%! It's the blockbuster of on-line book store discounts! has made dramatic reductions in its book prices -- up to 30% on popular titles -- and Working Dogs Book Store passes all of the savings onto you. Over 100 titles in our on-line book store have been drastically reduced in price! The convenience, the security, and the cost-savings offered by The Working Dogs Book Store can't be beat!

  • Dean Calderon Protection, Obedience and Tracking Seminar is hosted by the Kenai Schutzhund Club in Kenai, Alaska on July 11-13, 1997. Plan your trip now to the beautiful Soldotna/Kenai area for this intensive training by many times world and national Schutzhund championship winner, trainer, and helper Dean Calderon. Check out the Kenai club's home page for all of the seminar details and an application form.<

  • Check out the scores from the Regional Championship hosted by the Cascade Working Dog Association this past weekend in Rochester, Washington, with USA Judge William Fields.

  • Juvenile Renal Disease is discussed in depth by author Susan L. Fleisher as she details first-hand the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of JRD. She provides helpful information about the heritability of the disease and the steps required to eliminate it from affected breeds.

  • Search and Rescue Dogs: Training Methods is the ultimate search and rescue text book written by the American Rescue Dog Association (ARDA). Featuring step-by-step methods based on Bill and Jean Syrotuck's work, this illustrated, hard cover reference and training guide covers scent and handler theory, with special emphasis on training and conditioning.

  • The ADA in Brief by service dog trainer Julie Wingate provides some helpful resources for those needing additional information about how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) safeguards accessibility for service dogs and their handlers.

  • PNW Regional Breed Show will be hosted by the Snohomish Schutzhund Club on July 11-13 in Sultan, Washington and judged by Ernst Rukert.

  • Multiple Causes of Cirrhosis in Dogs is the focus of a study by Veterinarian Larry P. Thornburg. His research at the Liver Registry at the University of Missouri generates life-saving information about the numerous diseases that can affect the canine liver.

  • Dean Calderon Protection, Obedience and Tracking Seminar is hosted by the Kenai Schutzhund Club in Kenai, Alaska on July 11-13, 1997.

  • Feeding the Working Dog presented by Edmund R. Dorosz, BSA, DVM. The author discusses the role of proper nutrition when developing the highly-tuned working dog during various phases of activity.

  • The Difference Between AKC and Schutzhund Tracking by Tracking book author and trainer Dennis Helm. In his book excerpt, Helm discusses the differences between AKC tracking and that required in Schutzhund competitions.

  • Training with the Electronic Collar presented by Jim and Phyllis Dobbs. Experienced Schutzhund trainers detail the correct use of the e-collar as an option for effective training at the Schutzhund 1 level.

  • Spring Trial Results reported by Victoria Janicki. Share the many noteworthy performances on the field at the OG Boston Schutzhund Club's Spring Trial with SV Judge Manfred Scholz presiding.


  • Collie Eye Anomaly is discussed by Smooth Collie breeder Allene McKewen. She explains the nature of recessive genes and how they can significantly affect a breed in a short period of time.

  • 1997 Canadian German Shepherd Dog Championship and Seiger Show happens August 1-3, 1997 in Langley, B.C. Check out the schedule of events for one of the biggest national sporting dog events in Canada this year.

  • Dean Calderon took Kenai, Alaska by storm during his Schutzhund Seminar hosted by the Kenai Schutzhund Club. A tremendous turnout guaranteed a variety of handlers and dogs who took advantage of non-stop training action in protection, obedience, and tracking. Check out the action photos!

  • A comparative chart of dog foods lists the ingredients of dozens of common and not so common kibbles, meals, and canned foods on the Wolfepack Dobermans web page. The author went to a great deal of effort to spare the rest of us the tedious task of reading and comparing all those ingredients labels.

  • The Lost History of the Canine Race: Our 15,000-year Love Affair with Dogs by anthropologist Mary Elizabeth Thurston revolutionizes how we perceive "man's best friend" and empowers anyone who loves dogs with a new sense of wonder and appreciation. In full color. Only $17.47 at the Working Dogs Book Store. Be sure to check out our other best-selling titles about the fascinating history of the dog!

  • K9 Soldiers Should Take a Bite Out of Bugs eloquently expresses the history and accomplishments of K9 soldiers in the heat of battle. Renowned anthropologist and author Mary Elizabeth Thurston issues a call for recognition of the war dogs and their boundless courage and remarkable devotion to the servicemen they unconditionally served and loved.

  • Beginners Meet Agility is the delightful narrative of authors Jim and Carole Norris. Share their experiences as they discover the sport of agility and successfully complete the beginner level of training and competition with their rather young and remarkably agile GSD, Keena.

  • Fred Lanting, internationally known author, SV conformation judge, and Canine Hip Dysplasia expert, interprets the latest news from OFA and provides an informative update on the ongoing efforts to eradicate canine hip dysplasia and other orthopedic problems from the canine gene pool.

  • Michael Heyvaert, Belgian Schutzhund trainer and helper, is interviewed by Michael Worrall in this feature story from the latest issue of Schutzhund USA magazine.

  • Juvenile Renal Disease is discussed in depth by author Susan L. Fleisher as she details first-hand the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of JRD. She provides helpful information about the heritability of the disease and the steps needed to eliminate it from affected breeds.

  • Working Dogs Book Store Slashes Prices up to 30%! It's the blockbuster of on-line book store discounts! has made dramatic reductions in its book prices -- up to 30% on popular titles -- and Working Dogs Book Store passes all of the savings onto you.

  • Alpha Bitch Weds Top Dog was the late-breaking story in Pennsylvania this past weekend. Pat Saito files her report about the wedding of, and for, total dog lovers.

  • DNA Studies in Doberman von Willebrand's Disease -- Doberman pinscher breeders may now begin eliminating one of the significant diseases in their breed. Professor George J. Brewer shares the excitement of the discovery by him and his colleagues at VetGen of the mutation that causes von Willebrand's Disease (vWD) in Dobermans and the development of a vWD DNA test.

  • Managing Giardia in the Carrier Dog -- Belgian sheepdog owner M. Shirley Chong shares her personal experiences preventing transmission of giardia to unaffected dogs, and detecting and managing the presence of the parasite in carrier dogs.

  • Genetics and the Border Collie is presented by the United States Border Collie Club. From basic genetics to complex genetic traits, the author addresses many of the genetic fundamentals that significantly affect the genotype and phenotype of the Border Collie.


  • Michael Worrall shares Part 2 of his series reviewing the Wilfried Lüneberg obedience seminar hosted by Michael's training club in Belgium. Mastery of the fast sit, down, and stay is a hallmark of Lüneberg's innovative training style.

  • Fred Lanting evokes Kipling-esque prose in his parable about the evolution of the German Shepherd Dog in America, a humorous tale intertwining fanciful whimsy with some realities of the fancy.

  • Sheeptender Ann Garner reviews the classic history of the sheep tending dog. Time has not eradicated this resilient genetic foundation for the dogs that have retained and now daily utilize their remarkable herding instincts.

  • Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook by Delbert G. Carlson and James M. Giffin. One of our most popular titles! The latest life-saving procedures and information on the treatment of bloat and vaccinations. Easy-to-follow directions, with an alphabetized emergency section explaining how and when to treat a dog and when to call a veterinarian. Only $17.50 in the Veterinary/Health section of the Working Dogs Book Store. Be sure to check out all of our other best-selling titles about Schutzhund, breeding, tracking, canine behavior, and more!

  • Sheeptender Ann Garner shares her fascinating narrative of a typical sheep-grazing session with her German Shepherd dogs in Northern California. Come share with Ann her deep love of the work and the breed as she reveals the magical beauty that is a herding dog at work.

  • Dealing effectively with any genetic problem requires an understanding of the relationship between the genes (genotype) and the phenotype. In his article, The Nature of Genetic Disease, Dr. John B. Armstrong sheds light on the differences between true genetic diseases and conformational diseases.

  • Schutzhund handler, trainer, helper, and USA Judge Willie Pope will be presenting the Pacific Northwest Regional Helper Seminar August 23 and 24. In his interview, he discusses his approach to teaching helpers how to perform according to proper trial regulations and ensure safe and correct testing of the dogs during trial competition.

  • An overview of SV style breed shows by GSD enthusiast Victoria Janicki discusses show class organization, ring procedure, the Körung, what the judge is looking for, and more. A must-read for anybody needing an understanding of this fundamental component of breeding the total German Shepherd dog.

  • Michael Worrall brings us word from Belgium with his review of Wilfried Lüneberg's obedience seminar. One of those rare trainers who has "IT" -- Lüneberg seemingly works magic as he applies his well-known skills and intuitive insight on a variety of dogs with remarkable results.

  • The Pacific Northwest Schutzhund Club Conformation Show & Breed Survey was held August 16-17 in Centralia, Washington. Reporters Ann Dalman and Sarah Wallick cover the show results for all the classes on the CWDA home page.

  • Schutzhund trainer and competitor Phil Hoelcher recently presented a tracking seminar. Schutzhund handler John Snively was an enthusiastic participant, and shares with us some of the highlights of the Hoelcher seminar and the effectiveness of his hands-on approach.

  • Wildland firefighters often fight fire with fire, but fire investigators around the country are fighting arson with K-9 units. Author Kelly Andersson details the training and performance of these elite working dogs that are an indispensable tool in the battle to identify and collar the elusive arsonist.

  • The secret ingredient is theobromine, and if it's in that chocolate, you'd best not feed it to your dog. Breeder and canine nutrition resource M. Shirley Chong explains the risks of feeding real chocolate to canines.

  • Purdue Veterinary School's Canine Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (Bloat) web site features in-depth information about bloat, and the school's long-term study of risk factors for bloat. GSD enthuasiast Phyllis Rayca recommended this site. It's well worth the effort to pay a visit and learn about bloat, a singularly devastating affliction that can happen with alarming speed and quickly kill our deeper-chested breeds.

  • Dean Calderon's Schutzhund seminar held in Kenai, Alaska in July is reviewed in detail by Kenai Club President and seminar host John Fielden Read how Schutzhund enthusiasts in the our northernmost state took full advantage of Calderon's training expertise during this 3-day marathon.

  • Schutzhund 3 and Police Dog Nationals are being hosted by the Rocky Mountain Schutzhund Club in October 1998 in Denver, Colorado. Check out their official '98 Nationals web site and start making your plans now to participate in this exciting competition!


  • German shepherd herding dog owner and trainer Ann Garner writes that the instinct test can be informative if performed by a knowledgeable stockdog trainer who understands the dynamic relationship between the stock, the dog, and the handler. She defines the "herding instinct" and explains how to test for it on her German Shepherds in Herding web site.

  • Ricardo Carbajal reports on the groundbreaking admission of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America (USA) into the American Confederation of the German Shepherd Dog, the breed organization now representing eleven countries in North and South America and recognized as a full WUSV member.

  • Vicky Janicki reports the results of the New England Regional Schutzhund Championship held September 27-28, 1997.

  • Anthropologist Mary Elizabeth Thurston, well-known author of The Lost History of the Canine Race, publishes her first in our exclusive series of fascinating essays about the history of the dog.

  • O.G. North Texas Schutzhund Club is sponsoring its 11th Annual Herding Capability Test with instructional clinics on October 17-19, 1997.

  • A history association in Colorado is looking for old working dog equipment from the '40s and needs your help building their living history display. Can you help?

  • The Canine Health web site features a helpful list of online resources about poisonous plants and how they affect dogs and other animals. Photos, common and scientific plant names, toxicity, diagnosis, and treatment are all covered on these indispensable reference sites.

  • Schutzhund handler Susan Hutson attended a tracking seminar held by Al Kerr, three-time FH world championship trainer and handler. She shares with us her summary of his innovative techniques and suggestions for creating a strong foundation for tracking work and a confident tracking dog.

  • The results of the BSP in Ludwigshafen. Congratulations to Quaid von der Hegewiese and handler Günter Hulz for their winning score of 293!

  • Michael Worrall reports from Belgium on the results of the FCI World Championship held on September 6-7 in the Slovakian Republic. Congratulations to First Place handler Hideo Ishikura of Japan!

  • Service dog trainer Julie Wingate shares her love and admiration for the versatile German Shepherd dog in her informative review of the role of working service dogs, and her heartwarming story of one in particular.

  • Spielberg couldn't duplicate it even if he dared to try. You tuck them in with a kiss and a snuggle one night... and the next morning, a changeling of unprecedented transformation comes busting out of the crate! They're German Shepherd puppies. See all the graphic personality changes that occur in five minutes in the life of Mica, my GSD puppy.

  • Schutzhund trainer and handler David Deleissegues discusses prey and defense drive of the Rottweiler in Schutzhund. There's a big difference between the two, and it's ideal if your Rottweiler possesses both.

  • The Germans say there are only two basic principles in conditioning a dog to do what they call die Arbeit (the work). Sheep herding expert Ann Garner explains these principles and how to apply them correctly when training the German Shepherd Dog to herd sheep.

  • "Two squeakies" is a skill building game that I've played with all my puppies for several years now. Based on Dildei's two hoses game, the exercise builds drive for the retrieve and introduces the concept of the out on command. Two Squeakies -- it's fun, it's educational, and your puppy will love it!

  • Schutzhund trainer and handler David Deleissegues discusses prey and defense drive of the Rottweiler in Schutzhund. There's a big difference between the two, and it's ideal if your Rottweiler possesses both.

  • Herr Manfred Voigt, professional shepherd and multiple winner of the German National Herding Championship will judge the Herding Utility Dog Trial hosted by the Greater Philadelphia Schutzhund Club on October 11-12, 1997 in Branchville, New Jersey. The intensity and instinctive drama of the Herdengebrauchshund finds recognition in America at this highly competitive and challenging event sponsored by herding master Herr Ulf Kintzel.

  • Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats by Richard H. Pitcairn and Susan Hubble Pitcairn. This updated version of the Pitcairns' comprehensive guide to natural health care for pets covers the holistic approach to veterinary care that the authors have applied to the animals they have treated for many years. Their approach is one that promotes chemical-free nutrition, treatment, and natural healing for pets. Of special interest to the owners of working and sporting breeds are the extensive chapters on nutrition, including special diets for special needs dogs. I've modeled the natural food diets for my own working dogs on Pitcairn's recipes with excellent results. You can find this book in the Natural/Holistic Care section of the Working Dogs Book Store. Be sure to check out all of our other best-selling titles at deep discount prices about agility, kennel management, tracking, canine behavior, Search and Rescue, and more!

  • Reporter Vicky Janicki provides the results of the Adult Working Male class and Adult Working Female classes in the 1997 Bundessiegerzuchtschau held August 29-31 in Düsseldorf, Germany. She shares her insightful commentary on the competitive history of the working males.

  • Police K9s can find people by scent using two different skills -- either by ground scenting or air scenting. Maine Warden Service Officer Debra Palman explains the differences in her article Non Aggressive Area Searches on the USPCA home page.

  • In our enthusiastic efforts to adopt the best of the Schutzhund dog sport from Germany, we sometimes run amock in our use of the German language. GSD breeder and trainer Bobbie Impellizzeri explains the historical background and the proper use of the term "Sieger."


  • Congratulations Dean Calderon & Painter, Gary Hanrahan & Pirol, and Rod Tompkins & Enzo! See all the USA SchH3 Championship scores on the SCHÄFERHAFEN web site.

    St. Joe News-Express publishes photos of the USA Schutzhund 3 and DPO Championship in their on-line "Lifestyles" department.

  • Suzanne Clothier invokes the enchanting imagery of two well-matched dance partners in Dances With Dogs, her introspective examination of the basic techniques for creating a good working relationship with your dog and a clear understanding of each other.

  • The 1997 HGH (German herding) trial is covered in depth by Ann Garner, with photos by Tom O'Dowd that capture the thrilling energy of herding dogs performing the work for which they are bred.

  • There is a special significance to the encounter between a toddler and a therapy dog. The InterMountain Therapy Animals web site shares Nathan's story, demonstrating in word and picture how Aspen has been able to help Nathan break through his isolation and reach out and explore the world around him.

  • Sheepherder Ann Garner provides yet another of her enjoyably educational articles about sheep tending and the herding breeds in her discussion of the three different styles of herding: driving, mustering, and tending.

  • Anthropologist Mary Elizabeth Thurston, well-known author of The Lost History of the Canine Race, publishes her second in our exclusive series of brief essays about the fascinating history of the dog, a heartbending story of one soldier's profound love and respect for his military K9 partner.

  • NetPets presents 21 Spots Your Dog Loves to Have Scratched, Tickled, Touched, Petted, Rubbed, or Massaged, an on-line serialization of the book 277 Secrets Your Dog Wants You to Know. This month's installment is a tried-and-true recipe for instant love, devotion, and thumpety-thump-thump!

  • Becky Archer and the Dogzone will provide full coverage of the USA Schutzhund 3 and DPO Nationals to be held next week in St. Louis. Bookmark the USA Nationals web site and be sure to check in regularly for up-to-the-minute scores and event photos.

  • SCHUTZHUND NORTHWEST is the monthly newsletter serving the Pacific Northwest Region of United Schutzhund Clubs of America. This month's issue features a variety of informative and educational articles that are of interest to dog sport enthusiasts everywhere. Now is the time to subscribe to SCHUTZHUND NORTHWEST and begin building your library of in-depth interviews with key participants in the sport, informative veterinary health coverage, book and video reviews, training theory and practice, and more!

  • I don't often recommend other GSD-related web sites on my front page, but the REAL GSD HOME PAGE is the exception to that rule, because it is exceptional! This site discusses the history and the characteristics of the total German shepherd dog and provides detailed information about the SV system and its longstanding mission to preserve this magnificent breed. If frank discussion about the status of the breed makes you squirm, or if you are fearful of another's opinions about the breeding practices of some who do not support the concept of the total German Shepherd dog, then don't go there. Otherwise, head straight there and enjoy!

  • Thomas K. Graves, DVM takes a look at some of the congenital and acquired causes of loss of bladder control in the dog. He shares some of the recent developments in diagnosis and treatment for this frustrating condition that, if not successfully treated and reversed, can sometimes lead to euthenasia of affected animals.

  • Snohomish Schutzhund Club of Washington State will be your host for the USA Sieger Show '98 on June 12-14. You'll find everything you need to know about the show, how to get there, and what to do once you're there on the official Sieger Show '98 web site.

  • Kids + Dogs=Fun: Great Activities Your Kids and Dogs Can Do Together by Jacqueline O'Neil is your ultimate reference for exploring dog-related activities for kids. This entertaining guidebook shows you how to evaluate the interests and compatibility of your children and dogs, and shares a host of kid-friendly activities including 4-H, the AKC Canine Good Citizen program, raising puppies to be service dogs, hunting tests, and more. You can find this book in the Flyball and Miscellaneous Recreation section of the Working Dogs Book Store. Be sure to check out all of our other best-selling titles at deep discount prices about canine nutrition, Schutzhund, veterinary care, Rottweilers, police and K9, and more!

  • WUSV 1997 Welt-Sieger is EISENFRAU GORBA! Team USA places FIRST! Read the complete '97 WUSV scores.

  • Berkeley professors Melissa DeMille and C. Denise Wall present the Bare Bones Introduction to Genetics that introduces the major terms and concepts customarily used when discussing canine genetics.

  • U.S. Customs Canine Enforcement Team member Boyka is the Service's Dog of the Month after she alerted her handlers at the U.S. border in Texas to illegally smuggled drugs with a street value of almost $3 million.

  • Pat McNamara reports on the annual Cornell University Canine Genetics Conference held this year on October 4 and 5. Some of the world's leading geneticists and researchers presented information about current canine genetics studies and their results.

  • The U.S. Customs Service is seeking drug detector dogs for their war on drugs and is asking breeders and trainers to help them locate outstanding candidates for their Canine Enforcement Training Center program.


  • Norma Bennett Woolf combines facts and common sense when she answers the question, Just What Is a Puppy Mill? She advises potential puppy buyers how to discriminate between different types of breeders and to make their puppy selection an informative and responsible one.

  • Veterinary Ophthalmologist Dr. Michael Zigler reviews current treatments for Chronic Superficial Keratitis (Pannus). This disease of the eye is seen most commonly in the German Shepherd Dog. An immune mediated disease, it remains incurable but it can be successfully managed by treatment.

  • Sport Dog specialist Geoffrey N. Clark DVM reviews some of the newer anesthetics introduced to veterinary practice. Newer Injectable Anesthetics provide more accurate control and reduced after effects.

  • British cancer survivor Wendy Smith embarked on her cancer awareness dogsled trek from Maine to Alaska on November 15. Follow her bid to be the first to cross the North American continent in one continuous dogsled journey on the Dog Trek 97-98 web site.

  • Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food by Ann Martin. A phenomenally successful book, the first printing published in October was sold out in the U.S. and Canada in just three weeks. Order now to ensure you receive your copy of the book that investigates and reveals some of the shocking practices of the commercial pet food industry and what your beloved pet is really eating from the food bowl. You can find this book in the Canine Nutrition section of the Working Dogs Book Store.

  • Author Ann Martin reviews her newly published book, Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food. In her review, she shares her reasons for writing this book about the processed foods commonly fed to our pets. Her factual and often shocking expose of the commercial pet food industry is compelling many to rethink the wisdom of how -- and what -- they are feeding their animals.

  • Dr. P's Dog Training features The Philosophy of Ring Sport by Jean-Michel Moreau and Chris Redenbach; an intriguing review of the dynamic training techniques applied in this challenging dog sport.

  • Victoria Janicki reports on the outstanding competition at the OG Boston Schutzhund Club Fall Trial in New Hampshire on November 8-9, 1997.

  • Diana Guerrero provides a four-part series about Unusual Careers With Animals. This is an outstanding series of articles that is a must-read by anyone who has ever considered making their career one devoted to animals.

  • The University of Florida Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital provides helpful suggestions for successfully battling the ubiquitous flea in their informative article Roger's Tips About Fleas.

  • The Internet reveals some helpful information about degenerative spinal myelopathy, and we've collected some of the best links on our Degenerative Spinal Myelopathy On-line Resources page.

  • Current research reveals the probability that multiple genes are responsible for undescended testicles in the male canine. Susan Lennard discusses the normal development of the testes and the conditions that can create Cryptorchidism.

  • Susan A. Dougherty, DVM of Cornell University discusses what to expect and how to treat common physiological developments in the aging dog in The Geriatric Dog:Understanding Common Manifestations of Aging.

  • Bill Schroeder, Associate Professor and police dog trainer, emphasizes the value of comprehensive search training to build proficiency in the work by both the K9 officer and the handler.

  • Mark Plonsky, PhD discusses the consequences of canine behavior with a special focus on reducing the confusion over negative reinforcement and punishment in Confusing Consequences: A Brief Introduction to Operant Conditioning.

  • Randy Walker, DVM talks all about canine toenails and shares user friendly, step-by-step directions to efficiently and safely trim your dog's toenails.


  • Bill Syrotuck discusses Scent - Pheremones and Odor on the K9 Trainers Digest. Learn about the fundamentals of scent and how a dog processes it to identify and successfully follow the scent track.

  • The United Doberman Club presents Michelle L. Limoges' Doberman Search and Rescue Dogs. Limoges explains the fundamentals of search and rescue and reveals the Doberman breed's significant role in saving lives, cadaver search, and evidence search.

  • The Smithsonian Magazine's abstract of Nothing's Better Than a Live Find summarizes Catherine Dold's intriguing examination of the specialized training for avalanche rescues, cadaver searches, and certification as urban disaster search teams.

  • United States Customs provides an intriguing look at Instincts and how they provide a foundation for learning in the training environment. This comprehensive article features discussions of mental and emotional status, and how instinct as a form of behavior plays a significant role in how dogs learn.

  • Animal Health Instructor Kymythy Schultze discusses how the strength of your pet's immune system, its resistance to disease, and its quality of life all depend on the food that it eats. She reviews some of the groundbreaking research into nutrition for our pets and explains the benefits of Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats.

  • Georges Van Ceulebroeck's historical account of the first continental herding trial held in Belgium in 1892 is detailed in The Sheepdog Trial, a fascinating look at the origins of the competitive sheep herding trial.

  • Jean-Marie Vanbutsele reviews the genetics of coat color and length in the Belgian Shepherd Dog breed, and the history of relevant breed standards. In About Intervarieties of the BSD, Vanbutsele shares comprehensive genetic information related to the BSD and to the Groenendael, Tervueren, and Malinois.

  • Marina Zacharias discusses some of the effects of chlorinated water, both when ingested by your pet and when applied topically, in her article Chlorinated Water: A Big No-No! published in the Natural Rearing Newsletter.

  • Sandra A. Priest, DVM illuminates the process whereby a susceptible dog that is exposed to distemper can recover and develop a natural immunity. Holistic Remedies are Getting a Shot in the Arm is an enlightening examination of allopathic and homeopathic approaches to prevention and treatment of the disease.

  • Canadian Jeffrey Bragg details his arguments for achieving genetic soundness in his stimulating brief, Purebred Dog Breeds into the Twenty-First Century: Achieving Genetic Health for Our Dogs. Promoting a balanced, heterozygous breeding system, he focuses on the tremendous amount of work that is required of responsible breeders to preserve and advance canine working abilities. His model for genetic diversity demands a rational balance between working characteristics and the ideals of conformation.
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