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Canine Trauma

Main Articles Archive


Working Dogs Book Store carries the most popular books and videos about breeding, whelping, and early puppy development.
Breeding, Whelping, and Testing Puppies

This page is a special feature of cybermagazine

What's New in the Year 1999

This page contains the list of new articles and features added to Working Dogs Cyberzine this year.

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You may also visit our Main Articles Archive, the master index that includes the best of the articles featured on Working Dogs Cyberzine since 1996.


  • An extensive collection of links to helpful, informative online CANINE GENETICS RESOURCES is now available for everyone wanting to learn more about basic and advanced canine genetics, and how it will ultimately control the future of all sporting and working breeds.

  • The GSD PERIANAL FISTULA DATABASE has put together an informative web site with articles, testimonials, and a data-gathering questionnaire to collect more information about this possibly autoimmune-related disease. If you have a dog with PF, or know someone who does, this site is a must-visit for collective information and shared experiences with the disease and its treatment.

  • The Totana web site features pictures of the dogs placing in the 1998 GERMAN SIEGER SHOW held in Nurnberg. VA- and V-rated dogs and bitches are displayed with their placement, photo, and full name and title.

  • It's the ultimate combination: the month of May, the State of Tennessee, and America's premier Schutzhund competitors. Experience the excitement and the drama when all three come together at the 1999 North American Schutzhund Championship and International Police WPO Championship in Gatlinburg, Tennessee May 4-9, 1999. Entry form, host hotel information, vendor and catalog information, and much more awaits your discovery on the 1999 NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP home page.

  • USA's Pacific Northwest Schutzhund Club in Centralia, Washington invites you to attend their March 20-21 Schutzhund seminar with certified teaching helper Ludger Vortkamp from Ahaus, Germany. Many times BSP competitor and successful SchH3 "V" titlist, Herr Vortkamp is sure to provide an informative and effective training experience for all attendants. Please see the seminar details on our EVENTS PAGE.


  • New Litter Advertisements and Breeding Opportunities.

  • SV Conformation Judge Fred Lanting translates the BREED VALUE(ZUCHTWERT) PROCEDURE FOR HIP DYSPLASIA as published in the July 1998 SV HD News. This translation provides a helpful review of the Zuchtwert program and explains the procedures required of SV-certified hip dysplasia radiologists and veterinarians in Germany.

  • JOY IN THE WORK OF HERDING by publisher Anna Garner inspires German Shepherd Dog owners to test their dog's herding ability.

  • The March/April 1999 issue of Schutzhund USA magazine features THE EVOLUTION OF THE CONFORMATION MOVEMENT: 100 YEARS IN RETROSPECT by Ricardo Carbajal and Johannes Grew. Their in-depth discussion of the influence and contributions of Captain Max V. Stephanitz to the German Shepherd Dog takes the reader from the development of the breed in its early years through the post World War II era.


  • The Ellerbach GSD In Memorium tribute site memorializes the tragic losses of beloved German Shepherd Dogs and provides a healing and supportive place for grieving owners to honor those who have passed on. Poems, prose, and eulogies accompany pictures that speak volumes to the companionship, loyalty, and love these beautiful creatures contributed while they were alive and still evoke long after they have left us.


  • The 1999 AWDF Championship is the place to be June 4th through 6th in Lynn Center, Illinois. This all-breed national Schutzhund Championship is hosted by Machtig Strom Schutzhund Verein. Read more about this annual competition on the AWDF Championship web site.

  • The Pacific Northwest Regional Championship was a smashing success, with a terrific turnout in gorgeous summer-like weather. Congratulations to 1999 PNW Regional Champions Paul Schneider and Dexter! Check out the SchH1, 2 and 3, and FH Champion scores, trophy winners, and photos.
  • USA Judge Floyd Wilson details the conditions of the 1999 FH Championship in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and applies a lifetime of cumulative tracking expertise and insight onto what contributes to the successful track and the dog and handler team that competes for its 100-point finish.

  • May 15 was Peace Officer Memorial Day across the country. In Bellevue, Washington, the King County Sheriffs K9 Unit participated in the events marking this special day. K9 Officer Riggs was there to press the flesh and win over a legion of new fans of the working German Shepherd Dog.

  • Event coverage of the 1999 North American Schutzhund, FH, and Police Dog Championships features scores, critiques, photos, articles, interviews, and more.


  • Author Usha Lee McFarling casts a reporter's eye on veterinary medicine today and finds that animals are undergoing brain surgery, kidney transplants and hip replacements as increasingly sophisticated -- and expensive -- medical procedures rival those for humans. Check out the Seattle Times web site for her article, Spending Big to Save a Pet.

  • Teri Rosgaard of Vom Haus Shoal German Shepherd Dogs shares photographs of her young GSD Maya's PennHIP hip evaluation procedure, and a sample reproduction of the resulting PennHIP Hip Evaluation Report.

  • Internationally recognized Schutzhund trainer and handler IVAN BALABANOV announces the publication of his Schutzhund master training book, ADVANCED SCHUTZHUND.

  • Greater Seattle Working Dog Association pulled out all the stops to host the region's most memorable Conformation Show and Breed Survey June 11-13, 1999. Event and class highlights are included with a very special mention for a very special young lady.

  • New puppies featured on our Litter Announcements page.

  • 1999 DVG America Schutzhund Championship Scores


  • The 1999 Canadian German Shepherd Dog Championships and Sieger Show comes to Toronto, Canada July 30 through August 1, 1999. Event highlights and schedule are found on the official championship web site.

  • There are simply no words to describe SSgt. C. J. Moore's Death of a Warrior on the Viet Nam Security Police Association Military Working Dogs site.

  • Veterinary teaching assistant Bonnie Dalzell MA presents her Online Gross Anatomy Lecture detailing the processes by which bones develop, grow, heal, bear weight, receive their blood supply, and support the canine with remarkable strength and sometimes surprising accommodation.

  • Why is my dog sable? What will the puppies inherit from my brood bitch? What is DNA and why is it so important? If you've ever asked these questions, you know the answers aren't always simple. You now have the opportunity to learn the answers to these and other genetics questions from the convenience of your desktop. Breed enthusiasts worldwide have an extraordinary opportunity to participate in online Canine Genetics courses now offered by the Department of Animal Sciences at Cornell University. Three-week and six-week Canine Genetics Courses are now available at Cornell's Computer-Assisted Teaching Center. Classes fill rapidly, so register today to participate in this cutting-edge educational opportunity.

  • Much loved and highly respected, we regret to announce the passing of veterinary ophthalmologist Paul Franklin Dice II, VMD, MS Diplomate ACVO. Dr. Dice's obituary summarizes but a few of the many personal and professional accomplishments and contributions of this world renowned pioneering champion of animals and their vision.

  • Many of us use a convenient food pouch or bag to carry food rewards and tracking bait for our sport and working dogs. The Canine Arson Detection Association publishes a warning to dog trainers about the potential risks of Roquefortine, a fungus found in food pouches that can produce potentially deadly toxins.

  • MacMillan Publishing has provided online publication of the emergency care sections of The Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Care Handbook. This is an indispensable resource for responding immediately with appropriate critical care until you can get your dog to the veterinarian.

  • Call it "snacking", "snarfing" or just plain poop-eating, most folks would simply rather not know that their dog is committing such an unbecoming faux poo. But a lot of dogs do indulge in the culinary practice known by many as the "Kiss of Death." Veterinary student Erik Hofmeister has embarked on a research study to determine the causes and prevention of Coprophagia in the Canine.

  • It's much more common than we would like to think -- our sporting and working dogs are prime candidates for inhaling or swallowing objects that can choke them, obstruct breathing, and demand immediate emergency intervention. The WWW Golden Retriever web site offers two potentially life-saving reference pages with detailed graphics that will show you What To Do If Your Dog is Choking and How to Perform Artificial Respiration On Your Dog.

  • Teri Rosgaard's East German Shepherd Dog web site details the numerical ratings and their values of the Wertmessziffer system used in the former East Germany (DDR) to rate Schutzhund and working dogs. Many longtime breeders bemoan the loss of this effective and efficient method for evaluating and understanding the conformation and temperament of the working German Shepherd dog.

  • University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine shares two accounts of dog owners who chose amputation as a treatment for their older dogs' cancers. In Part 1, Owners Weigh Options for Pets With Cancer, veterinary surgical oncologist Dr. Nicole Ehrhart explains why amputation may be the optional choice for a dog with cancer. Part 2, Choices When the Cancer Keeps Spreading illuminates the rigors and realistic expectations of a long-term, aggressive approach to cancer treatment of the dog.

  • Janet Lalonde, D.V.M. stresses the importance of proper conditioning to the training of dogs for competitive events, and reminds us that the quality of physical and mental development allows safe participation in a sport. In her outstanding article The Conditioned Canine, LaLonde details how conditioning, stress, injury and burnout, and human conditioning all affect peak performance.

  • Chris Zink, DVM, PhD is the accomplished author of the two bibles of competitive performance training, "Peak Performance: Coaching the Canine Athlete" and "Jumping From A-Z: Teach Your Dog to Soar." She discusses the importance of understanding locomotion, conditioning, nutrition, and proper training for dysplastic and special needs dogs in Coaching the Canine Athlete. Also online is her revealing discussion of why so many working dogs are overweight in Corpulent Canines?.

  • Dr. Wendy Wallace provides a brief but helpful summary of canine Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) basics. The training season is in high gear -- and so are the opportunities for injury and heat stroke. Now might be a good time to review Canine CPR and share a copy of these potentially life-saving emergency procedures with your training associates.

  • Drs. Altom, Tyre and Cummins of Auburn University studied the impact of different diets on the olfactory performance of canine athletes. In their report, Investigations into the Effects of Dietary Fat Source and Exercise on the Odor-detecting Capabilities of Canine Athletes, their findings suggest that physical conditioning may have the greater influence.

  • Robert L. Gillette, DVM, MSE writes that as physical demands upon the dog's body are increased, so does the risk of injury. He evaluates Performance, Locomotion and Lameness and recommends gait analysis and the physical examination as two diagnostic tools for the veterinary clinician working with the competitive canine athlete.

  • The University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center provides one of the most comprehensive online veterinary cancer resources on their OncoLink Vet site. Your questions about cancer of the dog, and the current methods of diagnosis and treatment, are answered in their extensive library of articles and informative materials.

  • Mark your calendar for August 6-8 when Rochester, Washington welcomes the 1999 Pacific Northwest Regional Rottweiler Sieger Show, BST and BH. You can count on three days of everything Rottweiler as the best of the region come together to vie for Regional Sieger and Siegerin honors. is honored to be the host of the official web site for this exciting event!

  • Washington state residents will be particularly interested in reading the Washington State Bar Association review of dog bite law, The Biting Edge of Canine Law by Daniel Warner. This article examines the statutory and common-law rules applicable in Washington state.


  • The unmatched excitement of the annual United Schutzhund Clubs of America National Schutzhund 3 and Police Dog Championships is happening in fabulous Reno, Nevada in November. Northwest Regional Director Peggy Park shares a preview of the competition highlights that await you in America's premiere destination city!

  • Results for the national conformation show in Germany for the German Shepherd Dog are published on the SV web site.

  • The Working Dogs Book Store has stocked over 40 news books in two new departments: Spirituality and Philosophy features thought-provoking titles on the elements of the human/animal partnership from traditional and modern viewpoints. The new Pet Loss and Grief Counseling department offers a broad collection of therapeutic and comforting books to help prepare for or ease the traumatic loss of a beloved canine companion.

  • Photographer Chantel Young captures the excitement of the annual American Working Dog Federation Schutzhund Championship in Illinois in June. From Dobermans to Rottweilers, this was a celebration of all-breed sporting champions.

  • Steven A. Melman, VMD studied the use of selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRI) drugs for the treatment of lick granulomas and other potentially destructive behaviors. He details his treatment plans for the study groups and the results in his article Use of Prozac in Animals for Selected Dermatological and Behavioral Conditions.

  • There's a lot of hype and myth out there surrounding the commercial dog food vs. natural feeding debate. Personally, I feed my own dogs a raw, natural diet, and I know from first-hand experience that it can be frustrating trying to find reputable, reliable information about the different diet options available to us. Kathy Partridge presents a common sense, level-headed approach to choosing the appropriate canine diet for optimum health in her article How to Feed a Golden Retriever. The information and personal experiences she relates are relevant to all breeds.

  • Reports are coming in from the Sacramento, California area that Parvo is striking down young puppies who have not yet developed immunity to this often fatal disease. The Sacramento Bee reports on an outbreak of Parvo at the city shelter, where 20 puppies have already died and more than 50 dogs are slated for euthenasia. Our Parvo FAQs page provides helpful information about protecting your dog from risk.

  • Author and book reviewer Deborah Straw takes us on a journey to lands mysterious in her insightful review of a provocative new book about some of the world's rarest working breeds, Dog's Best Friend, Journey to the Roots of an Ancient Partnership. Straw captures the intriguing complexity and depth of relationships forged in some of the harshest environments on the planet, where man and his canine partner depend upon each other for survival.

  • After a decade-long search, a Stanford-led team has identified a gene that causes the sleep disorder narcolepsy -- a significant breakthrough that brings within reach the cure for this disabling human and canine condition. Narcoleptic Labrador Retrievers and Dobermans were instrumental in this study and its historic genetic discovery.

  • The Working Dogs Outfitter launches its debut with an online catalog of superior equipment, products, supplies and toys especially selected for the sporting and working canine in your life. This new feature makes your dog-related shopping as easy as point and click. Better yet, every purchase supports canine rescue!

  • August launches the exciting new addition of veterinary articles by veterinarian, well-known author and nationally recognized Schutzhund competitor Dr. Henry De Boer Jr. Heatstroke, Elbow Dysplasia Parts 1 and 2, and the Canine Prostate are the first four installments of Dr. De Boer's educational and informative series on the sporting and working canine.

  • Working Dogs Cyberzine announces the GSDefray fund raising opportunity for non-profit organizations with a mission to assist and promote the sporting and working German Shepherd Dog.

  • Seaworthy canines are the focus at a Northwest boat show where dogs trained to assist on boats are put through their paces.


  • Rhonda Long shares an exciting gallery of photographs of the Thomas Schoder Helper Seminar hosted by the Aztec Schutzhund Club in California.

  • Scores for the 1999 Deutsche Meisterschaft (DVG Schutzhund Championship) in Hamlin, Germany are available on the DVG-Germany site.

  • Our Hurricane Watch Page contains important information from The Humane Society of the United States Disaster Center and links to current updates on hurricane and tropical storm developments, with vital information about weather conditions, pet evacuation tips, disaster response efforts, pet friendly lodging, and more.

  • The weather was horrific and the working dogs didn't stop to notice at the 1999 Police Dog Championships in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Color commentary and photos by Moc Klinkam on the 1999 Police Dog Championships page.

  • The Bundessiegerprufueng, the national Schutzhund championship held in Germany each year, showcases the best of the working lines of the German Shepherd Dog. Susanne Stramm shares information about the dams and sires of the BSP '99 field of champions .

  • The Third Annual HGH Competition featuring SV-style herding with the German Shepherd Dog will be held October 16 and 17 in New Jersey. Your host Ulf Kintzel provides details about the event, an increasingly popular test of the extraordinary utility of the working German Shepherd Dog.

  • Scores for the FCI IPO3 International Schutzhund Championships in Stockerau, Austria are available on the web. Congratulations to Team USA for their fine showing!

  • The USA Breed Survey Books are published each year and are a valuable addition to every German Shepherd Dog breeder committed to selecting the optimal breeding partner for their bitch or dog. Learn about what to expect at a Breed Survey and how the koerbuch details the survey results.

  • German Translations of many words commonly found in German pedigrees, kör reports, and other documentation about German breeds is offered by Teri Rosgaard's East German Shepherd Dog web site.

  • The results for the 1999 German National Schutzhund Championship are available on the SV web site.

  • Fundamentals of Schutzhund includes a chart of internationally recognized working dog titles.

  • The 1999 FH (Tracking) Championship was held in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and Judge Floyd Wilson shares his insight on what makes a champion tracking team.

  • Beautiful Lynchburg, Virginia is the designated gathering place for USA Sieger Show 2000, the national conformation show for German Shepherd Dogs. The Central Virginia Schutzhund Club and the Northeast Region of United Schutzhund Clubs of America invite you to the first national event of the millenium.


  • Dave Meek of the Kansas City Search and Rescue Dog Association presents the basic nutritional requirements for the Search and Rescue Dog. Learn how to accurately measure your dog's nutritional needs and provide the diet that will meet his elevated energy requirements on the search.

  • Janice Bartmess shares the fascinating history of the East German (DDR) Shepherd Dog before the fall of the Berlin Wall, noting the effectiveness of the Sektion Dienst und Gebrauchhundewesen, the old SDG registry.

  • Marina Gerasimova is the guest speaker of the email forum on October 16. Ms. Gerasimova is the president of RFWD (Russian Federation of Working Dogs) and a key figure in working and sporting dog activities in Russia.

  • Musher, author and Iditarod reporter Joe Runyan shares his insights about the origins of the Alaskan Husky and the standards of performance commonly used by Alaskan Husky owners and breeders.

  • Prof. Sue Ann Bowling authors a detailed summary of Canine Color Genetics in which she discusses the genes that influence color and the types and lengths of coat. An excellent resource for learning how genes interact to control defined traits in the domestic canine.

  • The Mannschaftsbewertung - Team Results and photos for the top twelve placing teams at the 1999 WUSV Weltmeisterschaft Schutzhund world championship are available on the SV web site; and all remaining team placements and scores are available on an additional page.

  • The FDA issues a Salmonella warning for people handling certain dog chews made from pork- or beef-derived materials, including pig ears, beef jerky and pigskin.


  • German Regional Training Warden Werner Ploeger discusses common trial mistakes and errors in his universally relevant article Handler Mistakes and Handler Behaviour in Trials - Intentional Problems for the Trial Judge? translated from the SV Zeitung magazine by Susanne Stramm.

  • John Paver shares translations of the Bonitacni Karta, the Czechoslavakian breed survey for the German Shepherd Dog.

  • January 2000 is the time and Orlando, Florida is the place for the Canine Sports Medicine Symposium in conjunction with the annual North American Veterinary Conference.

  • Carolyn Dawson provides information about the FCI FH International Championship in April 2000 in Germany and invites interested handlers to submit their entries to be on the AWDA team competing at this international championship tracking event.

  • Plastic and cosmetic surgeon Michael Berman, MD addresses some of the situational precursors to a dog bite and how these preventable situations cause life-changing damage on his web page devoted to Dog Bite Prevention. The before and after pictures drive home the importance of diligent dog bite prevention.

  • K9 Trainer Tim Tieken provides expert commentary about the 1999 International Police Dog Championship and the challenges of competing in police dog trials with a working K9.

  • In a first of its kind debut, the 1999 K9 Fund Cyber Challenge is contributing much needed funds for a Police K9 Unit to purchase a patrol dog. The convenient online Pledge Form makes it easy for you to contribute whatever you can to make the dream of a working police K9 a reality. After all, we all benefit each time a violent criminal is apprehended by a working patrol dog.

  • The 1999 USA Schutzhund 3 Nationals and International Police Dog Championships in Reno, Nevada Nov. 3-7 showcase some of the most internationally recognized teams in sport and working dog competition. Read all about this exciting event and be sure to stay tuned for color commentary, judges' critiques, and exciting live action photography on Reno '99 online coverage central!


  • The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) provides an outstanding summarization of their hip and elbow certification program in What Happens to a Radiograph at the OFA. Learn how radiographs are submitted and evaluated, and how rating criteria are interpreted and applied by the OFA team of radiologists. Several graphic diagrams demonstrate healthy and compromised hip and elbow joints. A "must read" for those seeking to improve hip and elbow status in breeds affected by joint problems and inherited disease.

  • Working Dogs Book Store has just stocked the newest in the "German Shepherd Dog the German Way" video series, Handling: II. This beautifully produced 60-minute video features advanced training, conditioning, and handling of the German Shepherd Dog.

  • The Total German Shepherd Dog list community has compiled an excellent online brochure to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a German Shepherd Dog or puppy. The German Shepherd Dog Shopper's Guide is the educational resource for anyone considering a new dog or puppy.

  • Dan Comden supplements his training summary with a gallery of photos depicting a young dog's progression through avalanche search training. Learn about the alert, reward, required skills, and training safety.

  • Jean Mueller addresses some of the effects of over-angulation on overall balance and structure of the American German Shepherd Dog. Comparisons of today's American GSD with the original breed standard, and with German representatives of that standard, illustrate her thoughts on the Balance in the German Shepherd Show Dog.

  • American Working Trials have arrived in the USA and are quickly attracting new enthusiasts and their sporting dogs. Learn about the history of this exciting dog sport and the rules, regulations, and scoring that may take you and your companion to Working Dog Champion.

  • Dr. Lowell Ackerman, DVM reviews the symptoms of Adverse Food Reactions and explains how to determine if such sensitivities are related to food allergies or to an underlying condition.

  • If you are thinking about giving a puppy or other pet as a gift this holiday season, please reconsider the wisdom of subjecting a new pet to the hustle and bustle of Christmas. New Jersey German Shepherd Rescue explains the ultimate kindness -- not giving an animal as a holiday gift.

  • Sheep herdsman Ulf Kintzel provides the results of the Third Annual HGH Competition held in October in New Jersey. Read about the accomplishments of America's top sheep herding dogs and enjoy the beautiful photo gallery that accompanies his report.

  • The Seattle Times features the best of the working German Shepherd Dog with front page coverage of K9 Jake, retiring after a heroic career of service to his community.

  • The von Arlett web site presents intriguing arguments for using the sable German Shepherd Dog in the breeding program to improve pigment. A gallery of photographs and graphic charts illustrate the author's arguments in favor of color and genetic diversity in the breed.

  • Yvonne Hecht provides helpful abbreviations that often appear on Czech pedigrees for the German Shepherd Dog. Included in the Czech Pedigree Checklist are many international designations ascribed by the SV.

  • We are pleased to make available to Working Dogs readers the all-time breed classic The German Shepherd Dog In Word and Picture. This is the ultimate book for everyone seeking a full understanding of the origins of the German Shepherd Dog and the standards to which each representative should adhere. Capt. Max von Stephanitz, founder of the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) and the founder of the German Shepherd Dog, shares with fascinating historical detail the origins and development of the world's most utilitarian breed. A must-have addition to the library of every German Shepherd Dog enthusiast, breeder, trainer, and owner.

  • The Canine Epilepsy Network launches its new educational site with Understanding Your Pet's Epilepsy by Dennis O'Brien, DVM, PhD. Learn all about canine epilepsy, including symptoms, diagnosis, current treatment options, and how to enhance the quality of life for your epileptic companion.

  • We've taken the drop out of shop in the Working Dogs Holiday Gift Gallery. Take advantage of special offers, coupons, gift certificates, free shipping, bonus gifts, and other super offers from the Internet's top canine retailers.


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