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We are very pleased to announce that Reno, Nevada is the site of the 1999 Nationals!

The Mauna Ball Park stadium is located in Reno, Nevada at Virginia and Moana Streets. This beautiful stadium is a professional baseball park that will be retrofitted to meet our needs. Top of the line facilities ensure a very competitor-friendly experience. Mauna Park also has very large roomy areas for vendors along with covered seating for spectators.

The Stadium is open thirty minutes before each day's scheduled event, and will close one half hour after each day's scheduled activities.

Children are welcome in the stadium, where they can enjoy a convenient children's playground.

Parking is plentiful in the stadium lot, and will be available at no charge to both competitors and spectators. Competitors will be advised on Draw Night of special parking and Stadium access arranged for their convenience.

Admission to the stadium is free on Wednesday and Thursday, and $5.00 per person on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You may purchase a special three-day pass for only $12.00 on or before Friday.

A variety of delicious, reasonably-priced food and beverages will be available at the stadium.

Current USA membership is required for this event.

ALL German Shepherd Dogs must be registered with the USA Breed Registry Program.

USA registration is not required for German Shepherd Dogs permanently residing outside the United States.

Only dogs entered in competition will be allowed at the event.

1999 National Schutzhund 3 Championship eligibility rules require that if you plan to compete in the 1999 USA National SchH3 Championship, you must meet the scorebook requirement before January 1, 1999 and obtain a qualifying score of 270 or better in a USA sanctioned event before the October 26, 1999 entry cut-off date.

If you do not meet the scorebook requirement before January 1, 1999, you must meet the scorebook requirement and obtain a qualifying score of 270 or better in a USA sanctioned event before June 1, 1999 to be eligible to compete.

All German Shepherd Dogs must be registered with the USA/SV Breed Registry Program to enter the competition. This rule does not effect the entry of other breeds. Please contact the USA office for information about registering your German Shepherd Dog.

Tracking fields are on plowed dirt fields and are a convenient driving distance from the host hotel. USA Judge Bill Fields will be judging SchH3 championship tracking.
We are unable to schedule an exact date and time at this time for the SchH3 Judges Dinner, due to the unprecedented competition roster and the potential for an extended stadium competition schedule. We'll be sure to announce the time and location at the stadium, and invite everyone to accompany us for this relaxing, informal event.

There will be a reception at the host hotel Friday night at 6:00pm for all the International Police Dog Competitors and the judge. Please plan to join us to meet our Officer/Handler competitors.

The Helper Seminar on Wednesday has been carefully planned by the USA National Helper Committee to provide outstanding helper development and continuing education. This exciting addition to our National Championship is an opportunity for both new and experienced helpers. Please contact Helper Committee Chair Gary Park for additional information.
We are pleased to announce that Doug Loving of Doug Loving Photography will be the official photographer for the 1999 USA Schutzhund National Championship. Doug brings to this event his many years of professional photographic skills and expertise. Doug Loving Photography has been a familiar presence at many USA national events, where he has skillfully captured the competitors and all the thrilling excitement and action on film, creating a lifetime of impressive memories. Please contact Doug to reserve professional event photography services.

The 1999 SchH3 Nationals and International Police Dog Championship Web Site Crew will also be on the stadium field, at the tracking fields, and in the Press Area taking live action still and digital photographs, capturing video highlights, and interviewing event competitors and participants for event coverage publication on the web site.

Stadium spectators are welcome to use their photographic equipment in the stadium spectator seating area. Please note that spectators will not be allowed onto the stadium field, competition tracking fields, or in the restricted Press Area. Spectators will be allowed an opportunity to come onto the field after designated event photographers have had an opportunity to take photographs of competitors following the Closing Ceremonies on Sunday. We ask that you please exercise consideration when using flash photography, especially at nighttime events.

Wednesday 9:00AM - 3:30PM - Helper Seminar (Stadium)
4:30PM - Helper Tryouts (Stadium)

Thursday 6:30AM-5:30PM - Stadium Practice
7:30AM - General Board Meeting (Host Hotel)
7:30PM - Competitors' Draw Night, followed by an informal party at the host hotel with no-host bar and munchies.
Friday 7:00AM-10:00PM - SchH3 Obedience & Protection (Stadium)
7:30AM-3:00PM - SchH3 Tracking
12:00-2:30 - Police Dog Obedience/Protection (Stadium)
6:00PM - Reception for International Police Dog Championship Competitors and Judge at Host Hotel.
Saturday 7:00AM-10:00PM - SchH3 Obedience & Protection (Stadium)
7:30AM-3:00PM - SchH3 Tracking
12:00-2:30 - Police Dog Obedience/Protection (Stadium)
Sunday 7:30AM - Police Dog Tracking
7:30AM-2:30PM - SchH3 Obedience & Protection (Stadium)
8:00AM-10:30AM - SchH3 Tracking
2:30 - Ring Sport Demo
3:30PM - Closing Ceremonies


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