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Notes from BSP '99
By Peggy Glanz

The entries for the International Police Canine Championship include some of the top German and American police canines who just competed at the BSP/Int'l Police Canine Championship in Augsburg, Germany last month. I was fortunate to get to watch them in Germany. Now, bystanders have the opportunity to see some really great dogs and handlers here in our country.

USA Team at the BSP: Greg and Alk in front, then Mike and Ruger on the inside, Kevin on the outside and then Wendel Nope is carrying the flag at the end.

First, about the two American teams I saw:

Greg Mominee and Alk von Osterburg Quell did a phenomenal job with a seventh place overall, 90-96-93=279 for which they were honored as the highest placing foreign competitors in the history of the trial. They received a huge standing ovation in the stadium for the awards presentation. Going for a third straight, first place WPO title win will be a challenge this year. I hope everyone gives them the support they deserve.

Erich Christ with Iago

Philadelphia, PA police officer, Mike Andrel with his high-line bred Ruger von Haus Dexel (Jeck von Noricum/Exi Haus Dexel) placed 31st with a solid 72-82-80. Their enthusiastic, yet serious work displayed a close bond between a dedicated handler and his loyal partner. Good Luck to Greg and Mike!!

M. Eckert with Greif v. Kirschweihtal

Secondly, here is some data about the German teams who are all from the state of Bayern:

From Oberbayern, Ulli Gerling and Haky von Wandwinkel placed first at Augsburg with a 95-97-98=290. A surperb handler, Gerling is a great competitor with much previous success (1994, tied for first with Ex von Schleiten, 100-95-99). His beautiful, sable, Haky, age 3-3/4 yrs old, is one of nine progeny from Yoschy v.d.Doellenwise to participate at the BSP, the most of any sire this year. Bystanders have a chance to see one of the nicest-looking, super temperament Yoschy sons work. Haky's dam is Alfa vom Hause Santiages--a littermate to Argus vom Hause Santiages who is the sire of two of the other German team entries: Xero v.d.Vill and Iago vom Hause Santiages. Argus is a son of Cliff Huennegrab.

M. Eckert with Greig

From Schwaben, Wolfgang Ort with six year old Cora vom Kirchweihtal placed 13th with a 96-78-99=273. At last year's championship trial held in Luebeck, they won first place. Cora and another entry from the same German team (Bayern), Greif vom Kirchweihtal, have the same mother: Hela von der Seufzer Allee.

Mike and Ruger

From Oberbayern, Walter Morianz with Xero v.d.Vill placed 17th with 83-92-95. (Argus Hause Santiages/Elli v.d.Vill, who had two progeny in the BSP).

From Oberbayern, Thomas Hecht with Max placed 21st with 81-95-91=267. There was no data on this dog's parentage.

From Unterfranken, Michael Eckert with Greif vom Kirchweihtal (Ando von Santa maria/Hela v.d.Seufzer Allee) placed 15th with 93-97-82=272.

Wolfgang Ort and Cora vom Kirchweihtal

From Oberbayern, Erich Christ with Iago vom Hause Santiages (Argus v.Hause Santiages/Biene vom Ziegenhainer Tal) placed 29th with 81-92-82.

The best of luck to all the German teams. I wish them all a great visit to our country and hope everyone shows them a wonderful welcome. I sure wish I could be there to watch these top police canines in action!

Author Peggy Glanz

A note from the author Peggy Glanz: I've loved and owned German Shepherd Dogs since 1980. Started out training in AKC obedience but later found the schutzhund sport when I saw the BSP in Germany in 1983. No titles on dogs (except AKC) in this sport since I was always taking in GSD rescues who were not suitable for schutzhund. So I mostly just attended seminars, read and observed at the major trials whenever I could.

Married 30 yrs to the same man, no children. Have lived in many US states. I am a college English teacher (writing and lit classes) (Masters in English from Univ. of Florida). Member of the SV since 1983, former member of the DVG and SchHUSA (mid '80's). I've been a translator for some visiting SV and DVG judges at a couple of trials plus once I was a translator for Walter Martin of Wienerau kennels when he came to Colorado for a seminar in the mid '80's. (I have an AB degree in German from Indiana University.) I've written three articles for the GSQ (Germ Shep Quarterly) and will be giving them an article soon about the BSP this year. (SchH USA too.) I've been to Germany around twenty times--studied over there once for a summer. (My husband, Peter is a German/Czech by birth.)

I have a new GSD puppy of DDR/Czech bloodlines who will be my first true working pup for schutzhund so I am looking forward to training for once instead of just watching others have all the fun.

Text and photographs copyright 1999 Peggy Glanz; ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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