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Officer Brett Simon & K9 Hero Lucky
By Tim Tieken

On Friday morning prior to the day's competition, I had the opportunity to speak with Officer Brett Simon of the Miami, Ohio Police Department. Brett's canine partner, a German import named Akkimo von Ecclesia Clarus, is better known as "Lucky." They have served the people of Miami since the winter of 1995. During their first three years, Brett applied Lucky to the tracks of 52 criminals, resulting in 21 arrests -- an enviable record. Lucky is also trained for narcotics detection and is credited with approximately 80 finds.

When I asked Brett to tell me about Lucky's most outstanding arrest, he explained that Lucky's best work was not in making an arrest, but rather in finding a mentally confused man who had wandered from home in 20-degree weather. Brett was dispatched to the scene more than eight hours after the scantily-dressed man had entered a wooded area several square miles in size. Thirty-five minutes later, Lucky found the man laying in water and ice at the bottom of a steeply banked creek bed. The victim had fallen down the bank and into the creek and had broken both legs. He was hypothermic and frostbitten. Doctors later told Brett that the rescued victim would not have lived another hour without help. For this action, Brett and Lucky were awarded the State of Ohio's 1999 K-9 Hero of the Year Award.

I found Brett to be an affable young man who possesses good judgment in the application and training of his dog. Brett described Lucky as a strong, active and independent dog. Later, those qualities would prove their value on the trial field with a score of 93 in the protection phase. Brett and Lucky are true ambassadors for the ranks of police K9.

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Copyright 1999 Tim Tieken; ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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