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Canine Trauma

Working Dogs Book Store - your destination for sporting and working dog books and videos. Articles Archive - German Shepherd Dog

This Archive includes the best of the German Shepherd articles featured on Working Dogs Cyberzine since 1996.
    Artist/Illustrator/Author Linda Shaw has provided us with this comprehensive article on the structure of the German Shepherd Dog. It is one of the most detailed articles we have added to the WorkingDogs library.

  • Ulf Kintzel's excellent article on breeding for the "Golden Middle" with Herding Dogs. Very informative with good explanations why particular traits are desired.
    Herding Dogs And The Golden Middle

  • German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Houston now has their 501c and a new home page! With over 24 GSD's in need of homes, be sure to visit them and help if you can. Visit Their Site

  • German Shepherd dog breeder Janice L. Bartmess reviews the history of DDR (East German) lines before the fall of the Berlin Wall, noting the effectiveness of the Sektion Dienst und Gebrauchhundewesen, the old SDG registry. and the economic and political pressures that generated the divergence of the characteristic DDR lines from the remainder of the GSD genetic pool in Europe; and how that contributed to the importance of these bloodlines for the viability of the breed today.

  • Working Dogs Book Store has just stocked the newest in the "German Shepherd Dog the German Way" video series, Handling: II. This beautifully produced 60-minute video features advanced training, conditioning, and handling of the German Shepherd Dog.

  • The Total German Shepherd Dog list community has compiled an excellent online brochure to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a German Shepherd Dog or puppy. The German Shepherd Dog Shopper's Guide is the educational resource for anyone considering a new dog or puppy.

  • Jean Mueller addresses some of the effects of over-angulation on overall balance and structure of the American German Shepherd Dog. Comparisons of today's American GSD with the original breed standard, and with German representatives of that standard, illustrate her thoughts on the Balance in the German Shepherd Show Dog.

  • Yvonne Hecht provides helpful abbreviations that often appear on Czech pedigrees for the German Shepherd Dog. Included in the Czech Pedigree Checklist are many international designations ascribed by the SV.

  • Jan Mountjoy reviews German Shepherd Show and Seminar with Herr Ernst Rueckert.

  • We are pleased to make available to Working Dogs readers the all-time breed classic The German Shepherd Dog In Word and Picture. This is the ultimate book for everyone seeking a full understanding of the origins of the German Shepherd Dog and the standards to which each representative should adhere. Capt. Max von Stephanitz, founder of the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) and the founder of the German Shepherd Dog, shares with fascinating historical detail the origins and development of the world's most utilitarian breed. A must-have addition to the library of every German Shepherd Dog enthusiast, breeder, trainer, and owner.

  • John Paver shares translations of the Bonitacni Karta, the Czechoslavakian breed survey for the German Shepherd Dog.

  • The USA Breed Survey Books are published each year and are a valuable addition to every German Shepherd Dog breeder committed to selecting the optimal breeding partner for their bitch or dog. Learn about what to expect at a Breed Survey and how the koerbuch details the survey results.

  • German Translations of many words commonly found in German pedigrees, kör reports, and other documentation about German breeds is offered by Teri Rosgaard's East German Shepherd Dog web site.

  • Results for the national conformation show in Germany for the German Shepherd Dog are published on the SV web site.

  • Teri Rosgaard's East German Shepherd Dog web site details the numerical ratings and their values of the Wertmessziffer system used in the former East Germany (DDR) to rate Schutzhund and working dogs. Many longtime breeders bemoan the loss of this effective and efficient method for evaluating and understanding the conformation and temperament of the working German Shepherd dog.

  • SV Conformation Judge Fred Lanting translates the BREED VALUE (ZUCHTWERT) PROCEDURE FOR HIP DYSPLASIA as published in the July 1998 SV HD News. This translation provides a helpful review of the Zuchtwert program and explains the procedures required of SV-certified hip dysplasia radiologists and veterinarians in Germany.

  • Fred Forrest designed a screen saver of impressive visual and auditory quality for his fellow East German (DDR) German Shepherd Dog enthusiasts on the DDRGSD email list that he co-administers. In the spirit of holiday good cheer and the New Year, Fred shares this absolutely stunning screen saver with Working Dog friends around the world. Get your GSD fix early in 1999, and download your copy of the DDRGSD-L SCREEN SAVER today!

  • Fred Lanting evokes Kipling-esque prose in his parable about the evolution of the German Shepherd Dog in America, a humorous tale intertwining fanciful whimsy with some realities of the fancy.

  • A Princess in Manhattan. Successful rescues are a relief to accomplish and a joy to read about. GSD Rescue volunteer Anka Andrews shares the details of the recent rescue of Hattie.

  • German Shepherd Rescue Success! - German Shepherd Rescue of New England contributes adoption success stories.

  • RESCUE! - The amazing story of Vera, a dog with three strikes.... and a successful home run!

  • A Princess in Manhattan. Successful rescues are a relief to accomplish and a joy to read about. GSD Rescue volunteer Anka Andrews shares the details of the recent rescue of Hattie.

  • Fred Lanting evokes Kipling-esque prose in his parable about the evolution of the German Shepherd Dog in America, a humorous tale intertwining fanciful whimsy with some realities of the fancy.

  • German Shepherd breeder Dori Painter helps the first-time puppy buyer INTERPRET THE ADS and knowledgeably read between the lines to find the right breeder and a quality puppy.

  • British breed geneticist Malcolm B. Willis is author of several breed and genetics classics, including The German Shepherd Dog: A Genetic History and Genetics of the Dog. In his article, So You Want to Buy a German Shepherd Dog?, Dr. Willis provides indispensable advice to the potential GSD puppy buyer. Drawing on his own kennel policies and procedures in England, he details the fundamental obligations that should be expected of responsible breeders anywhere.

  • GSD enthusiast Dori Painter shares the important things you should know and evaluate when selecting a puppy in her FAQs About Selecting a Working Puppy.

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