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Articles Archive - Schutzhund

This Archive includes the best of the Schutzhund articles featured on Working Dogs Cyberzine since 1996.
  • SCHUTZHUND BH EXPLAINED Sammie Jones and the Bigsky Schutzhund Club presents an outstanding article on the BH routine. A must for anyone planning to attain this title.
    The BH Explained

  • Fundamentals of Schutzhund includes a chart of internationally recognized working dog titles.

  • The unmatched excitement of the annual United Schutzhund Clubs of America National Schutzhund 3 and Police Dog Championships happened in fabulous Reno, Nevada in November 1999.

  • THE COMPONENTS OF STRONG WORKING DOG TEMPERAMENT Dominick Donovan presents this article on The Components of Strong Working Dog Temperament. It breaks down the drives and temperament needed to be a strong Schutzhund competitor.
    The Components of Strong Working Dog Temperament


  • AN INTERVIEW WITH DOMINICK DONOVAN (PART 1) The first in a series of interviews done by Yvette Piantadosi with Dominick Donovan. These interviews provide a lot of information on the dogs used in Schutzhund in the 70's and the impact they have on the breed into the 80's and 90's. Dominick has been working in Schutzhund since age 10
    Part 1 of the interview

  • Internationally recognized Schutzhund trainer and handler IVAN BALABANOV announces the publication of his Schutzhund master training book, ADVANCED SCHUTZHUND.

  • Pre-Trialitis affects even the most experienced handler, and national Schutzhund champion David Deleissegues offers professional advice for delivering a jitters-free performance at your next trial.

  • 2000 AWDF Championship scores and trial placings.

  • USA protection judge Floyd Wilson and USA Director of Judges Mark Przybylski describe the protection tests used for the 1998 and 2000 USA Sieger Shows.

  • USA Judge Floyd Wilson details the conditions of the 1999 FH Championship in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and applies a lifetime of cumulative tracking expertise and insight onto what contributes to the successful track and the dog and handler team that competes for its 100-point finish.

  • Carolyn Dawson provides information about the FCI FH International Championship in April 2000 in Germany and invites interested handlers to submit their entries to be on the AWDA team competing at this international championship tracking event.

  • German Shepherd Dog breeder, trainer, and handler Jan Mountjoy relates the account of her adventures during her Travels in Germany.

  • An overview of SV style breed shows by GSD enthusiast Victoria Janicki discusses show class organization, ring procedure, the Körung, what the judge is looking for, and more. A must-read for anybody needing an understanding of this fundamental component of breeding the total German Shepherd dog.

  • The Making of a Sieger - GSD enthusiast Ricardo E. Carbajal visited Wienerau Kennels in 1992 and discussed the ingredients of greatness with Herr Walter Martin.

  • Doug Loving's Sport Dog Column - Dog sport reporter Doug Loving checks in with his review of the 1997 USA Sieger Show and updates on regional events.

  • 1997 USA Sieger Show results.

  • Results from the 1998 USA Sieger Show June 12-14, 1998 in Washington State. 1998 Sieger Lasso vom Neuen Berg SchH3; 1998 Siegerin Lussi von Wilhendorf SchH3.

  • 1998 USA Sieger Show catalog details

  • Author and SV Judge Fred Lanting provides a fascinating look at the German Sieger Show and other SV-style shows and compares this type of German Shepherd Dog show and survey to AKC-type dog shows. Learn all about the rich traditions and the history of the Sieger Show and its importance to selecting some of the best representatives of the German Shepherd breed.

  • Schutzhund handler Susan Hutson attended a tracking seminar held by Al Kerr, three-time FH world championship trainer and handler. She shares with us her summary of his innovative techniques and suggestions for creating a strong foundation for tracking work and a confident tracking dog.

  • The results of the BSP in Ludwigshafen. Congratulations to Quaid von der Hegewiese and handler Günter Hulz for their winning score of 293!

  • Schutzhund handler, trainer, helper, and USA Judge Willie Pope presented the 1997 Pacific Northwest Regional Helper Seminar August 23 and 24. In An Interview With USA Judge Willie Pope, he discusses his approach to teaching helpers how to perform according to proper trial regulations to ensure safe and correct testing of the dogs during trial competition.

  • Schutzhund trainer and competitor Phil Hoelcher recently presented a tracking seminar. Schutzhund handler John Snively was an enthusiastic participant, and shares with us some of the highlights of the Hoelcher seminar and the effectiveness of his hands-on approach.

  • Dean Calderon's Schutzhund seminar held in Kenai, Alaska in July is reviewed in detail by Kenai Club President and seminar host John Fielden Read how Schutzhund enthusiasts in the our northernmost state took full advantage of Calderon's training expertise during this 3-day marathon.

  • Helping the Helper: Notes on Walter Hoffman's Seminar - Schutzhund nerd and Veterinarian Terri Short reports from the Greater Cincinnatti Schutzhund Club, hosts of Walter Hoffman's outstanding helper seminar. It was a weekend of educational demonstrations and skillful evaluations for new and experienced helpers alike.

  • Rhonda Long shares an exciting gallery of photographs of the Thomas Schoder Helper Seminar hosted by the Aztec Schutzhund Club in California.

  • Interview with Wayne Simanovich. North American Championship winner Wayne Simanovich is interviewed by dog sports reporter Doug Loving. It's an intriguing review of Wayne's thoughts about some of the hottest issues in the sport today.

  • Defense and Prey - Schutzhund trainer Gary Patterson presents the first two installments of his series about basic canine behavior and how it affects training of the working dog.

  • Dean Calderon took Kenai, Alaska by storm during his Schutzhund Seminar hosted by the Kenai Schutzhund Club. A tremendous turnout guaranteed a variety of handlers and dogs who took advantage of non-stop training action in protection, obedience, and tracking. Check out the action photos!

  • Schutzhund handler Susan Hutson attended a tracking seminar held by Al Kerr, three-time FH world championship trainer and handler. She shares with us her summary of his innovative techniques and suggestions for creating a strong foundation for tracking work and a confident tracking dog.

  • Victoria Janicki reports on the outstanding competition at the OG Boston Schutzhund Club Fall Trial in New Hampshire on November 8-9, 1997.

  • Victoria Janicki reports the results of the New England Regional Schutzhund Championship held September 27-28, 1997.

  • Reporter Vicky Janicki provides the results of the Adult Working Male class and Adult Working Female classes in the 1997 Bundessiegerzuchtschau held August 29-31 in Düsseldorf, Germany. She shares her insightful commentary on the competitive history of the working males.

  • WUSV 1997 Welt-Sieger is EISENFRAU GORBA! Team USA places FIRST! Read the complete '97 WUSV scores.

  • Michael Worrall reports from Belgium on the results of the FCI World Championship held on September 6-7 in the Slovakian Republic. Congratulations to First Place handler Hideo Ishikura of Japan!

  • Michael Worrall brings us word from Belgium with his review of Wilfried Lüneberg's obedience seminar. One of those rare trainers who has "IT" -- Lüneberg seemingly works magic as he applies his well-known skills and intuitive insight on a variety of dogs with remarkable results.

  • Michael Worrall shares Part 2 of his series reviewing the Wilfried Lüneberg obedience seminar hosted by Michael's training club in Belgium. Mastery of the fast sit, down, and stay is a hallmark of Lüneberg's innovative training style.

  • Schutzhund: Treasure State Working Dog Association answers What is Schutzhund?

  • David Macias' photography provides the perfect opportunity to strut Titus' stuff at the 1996 Regional Protection Tournament in Helena, Montana.

  • 1997 Pacific Northwest Regional Schutzhund Championship, June 20-22, 1997; USA Judge Bill Fields

  • 1997 Pacific Northwest Regional Conformation Show and Breed Survey, SV Judge Lothar Quoll, Apprentice Judge Johannes Grewe

  • 1998 Conformation Show and Breed Survey hosted by Cascade Working Dog Association September 19-20, 1998 in Rochester, Washington, SV Judge Hubert Thielen.

  • 1998 Pacific Northwest Regional Schutzhund Championship July 24-26, 1998, in Tenino, Washington; USA Judge Michael Caputo

  • Greater Seattle Working Dog Association pulled out all the stops to host the region's most memorable Conformation Show and Breed Survey June 11-13, 1999. Event and class highlights are included with a special mention for a very special young lady.

  • The Difference Between AKC and Schutzhund Tracking by Tracking book author and trainer Dennis Helm. In his book excerpt, Helm discusses the differences between AKC tracking and that required in Schutzhund competitions.

  • The results of the BSP in Ludwigshafen. Congratulations to Quaid von der Hegewiese and handler Günter Hulz for their winning score of 293!

  • The Mannschaftsbewertung - Team Results and photos for the top twelve placing teams at the 1999 WUSV Weltmeisterschaft Schutzhund world championship are available on the SV web site; and all remaining team placements and scores are available on an additional page.

  • The Bundessiegerprufueng, the national Schutzhund championship held in Germany each year, showcases the best of the working lines of the German Shepherd Dog. Susanne Stramm shares information about the dams and sires of the BSP '99 field of champions.

  • The results for the 1999 German National Schutzhund Championship on the SV web site.

  • Check out Doug Loving's gripping action photography of America's top sport dogs at the 1998 North American Schutzhund 3 Nationals on Tommy P. Jensen's web site.

  • Schutzhund 3 and Police Dog Nationals hosted by the Rocky Mountain Schutzhund Club in October 1998 in Denver, Colorado.

  • Working GSD enthusiast and historian Susanne Stramm brings the BUNDESSIEGERPRUEFUNG, the German national Schutzhund championship, to life with an impressive archive of pictures, pedigrees, and koer reports. Enjoy her remarkably comprehensive coverage of the celebrated champions of this exciting competition.

  • Scores for the 1999 Deutsche Meisterschaft (DVG Schutzhund Championship) in Hamlin, Germany are available on the DVG-Germany site.

  • David Deleissegues discusses prey and defense drives in the Rottweiler, and how to properly train working representatives of this breed for competitive Schutzhund.

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